Competence. Dynamism. Excellence.

The Seromni Group positions itself in the market as a supplier of products and a provider of telecommunications and electronic services with a component of training. combining competence, dynamism and excellence to the technical knowledge of its staff.

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​Include Site-Survey, Network Architecture Design, Project Management, Network Upgrades, Performance and Security, Onsite Support with Installation and Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance and Support 24hx7d

We offer solutions in Transmission Systems, Wireless, Broadband Access, Media Gateways and Synchronization Equipment Solutions.

We provide training for the installed technology at the Seromni Group's premises or at the client's premises. We develop the social component by actively participating in the professional training of young technicians and engineers, in cooperation with educational entities.

Seromni Group

A group with several companies in the various areas of telecommunications and electronics.


Seromni Release

28 June 2021

We inform you that by administration decision following the enormous loss that Seromni Group recently suffered with the death of Engº. Luís Pinto was decided..

Death Notice

09 March 2021

​With much sadness and grief Seromni Group carries the duty to inform its customers, partners, suppliers and friends, about the death of Luís Pinto, a fundamental element of Seromni/ Omnitécnica team.

Omnitécnica signs a new partnership with Handheld Europe AB, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers

02 November 2020

In October, Omnitécnica established a new partnership with Handheld Europe AB, a rugged mobile computers manufacturer, recognized for their technological characteristics and outstanding resistance.